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About reports


1. What is an evaluation, and what does it generally include?

Evaluation means identifying problems or shortcomings in the management system that could allow poor quality product to be produced and bringing it to the attention of management so they can correct the problem. Evaluation is of preventive actions in that they identify problems before they have produced poor quality product. This is why audits are often used as part of the basis for selecting suppliers.。

2. What are the differences among the types of inspections offered?

Product inspection is divided into pre-production inspection, during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection. Pre-production inspection is to be conducted at the beginning of production or even before the start of manufacturing. During-production inspection is to be conducted when 10%-15% of the production is completed. Pre-shipment inspection takes place when the merchandise is finished, packed and ready for shipment. Based on the outcome of a final inspection, a lot may be accepted, rejected, or placed on hold.

3. What the report will include?

GIS will send the report to customer 24 hours after inspection. The report will include the result of inspection, on-site check details and related photos. It will show all the inspection details. If you need the sample report, please contact us online.。