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1. How many goods are required to beready for a pre-shipment inspection?

It depends on the client's requirement. General speaking, pre-shipment inspectionis normally conducted when a shipment is 100% produced and at least 80% packed into export carton.

2. If the client/vendor/factorywould like to change the inspection schedule, what shall they do?

The postponement or cancellation of a previously requested inspection must be made by calling GIS atleast 1 full working day in advance of the inspection date.

3. Will GIS automatically send the inspection report to bothparties or just for the client?

GIS only send inspection report to the client. If anybody need the inspectionreport, we will ask the client for confirmation first.

4. When the inspection report is available?

The official inspection report will be available on the next working day after the inspection finished.

5. Who will pay for the inspection?

Genera lspeaking, the inspection is on the client's account unless we are confirmed bythe client who else will pay for it.

6. When you are required to settle the payment for the inspection?

Any payment is supposed to be done before the inspection.

7. Do GIS work on Saturday and Sunday?

Sunday is normal rest day for GIS. For Saturday, GIS office is closed, however our QCteam will be available.

8.Any extra cost will be generated when the inspection to be done on Sunday?

If the inspection is required to be conducted onSunday, the man-day rate will be multiplied by 1.5 times. 

9.How long to apply in advance for any inspection?

To smooth the inspection arrangement and without anydelay, please kindly make your inspection appointments at least 3 working days prior to inspection date you required.

10. May we release the shipment on the basis of the passed inspection report?

Reports of Services are issued on the basis of instructions, information, documents and/or samples provided by the client. GIS inspection report reflects the actual findings as recorded during on-siteinspection; it is not an evidence for shipment. Only the client may make decisionon the shipment.

11. Does GIS open the official invoice for the payment of inspection cost?

GIS will issue the official tax invoice after receipt of your payment.

12. May we pay the inspection cost by RMB, and how about the exchange rate?
Yes, GIS may provide the relevant account for RMB payment, and you may settle the payment with the buying price of the payment day.

13. If the factory may pick your QC up, GIS will not charge travelling cost, right?
Yes, if no traveling cost arising, GIS will not charge relevant cost.

14. May GIS identify the fabric material on site?
Sorry, the fabric material could not be identified on site. If you are concerned, we may help to send sample to any lab for testing. Sure, the lab will charge relevant cost accordingly.

15. If the QC just need half day to finish all the job, may GIS charge 0.5 man-day only?
Sorry, for any inspection, one man-day is the minimum quotation.

16. Does GIS pick up sample and keep in office for each inspection?
It is not a must to pick up sample for each inspection. If it is forbidden, please keep us informed in advance.

17. Any possible to get result right after inspection finished?
GIS may send you draft report at the same day of the inspection finished for your reference. However, the official one will be available in the next working day.

18. As our goods will be ready in the afternoon, any possible to start the inspection by then?
General speaking, we will start our job in the morning in order to smooth the inspection with sufficient working time. Considering special situation, we may negotiate case by case.

19. We need original tax invoice for payment reference. May we get it before the payment to be done?
Sure, just let us know the invoice title and relevant information, and we will issue invoice first for your payment reference.

20. Your QC has found wrong label and mark to be used during inspection. May we ask to stop the inspection as we need to correct all right now?(inspection service)
If the inspection is abortive now, we will charge relevant cost accordingly. Sure, if available, we need contact the client for confirmation first. 

21. We have two factories for this big order in same city. Will you charge more cost for two visits in same day?
If they are located in same area within 20mins distance between both, we will not charge more cost for two visit in same day.                                                

22. Our container will be ready at 7:00am, in order to catch the vessel, we could not wait for your QC. May you ask your QC to arrive at our factory at that time?(loading supervision)
If it is a must, we will ask our QC to leave out one day before the loading day, and arrive at your factory as schedule. However, if any change on the loading date, please inform us before our QC leaves, or we will charge abortive cost accordingly.

23. How to calculate your QC's working time?
We will consider two parts for each case, time spent in inspection (inspection time and report-making time) and single traveling from the nearest branch to service location. 

24. Who will take on the re-inspection cost?
For the re-inspection fee, GIS will apply to the client, and the client has the right to charge back to its suppliers. 

25. Do you require the factory to prepare some goods in advance for your inspection? 
No, our QC need select samples by themselves from the bulk in random, then the samples we check may reflect the quality of the bulks.

26. May you issue positive inspection certificate after inspection finished per our L/C requirement?
Yes, but we must get approval from the client for the issue first.

27. If our factory could not provide some equipment for inspection, would you fail the report accordingly?
Yes. Please kindly let us know the situation before the inspection, and, we may check with the client for the issue accordingly.

28. If the factory has doubt on the inspection result, what could they do?
If the factory has doubt on the inspection result, please check with our QC on site. Meanwhile, please call GIS office for further negotiation, and our technical manager will follow up the issue.

29. Per your requirement, 500pcs of goods should be checked during inspection. However, we have not so much blister card for re-packing, any possible to check less?
General speaking, less sampling will lead to uncertain risk. However, we do know what you are concerned. We may check with the client about the situation, and feedback you later.

30. Will GIS put any label on the inspected goods? 
Normally, we will put GIS label on the inspected goods or packing for traceability management. However, if it is forbidden, we may pass this procedure. Please let us know any special requirement in advance.

31. GIS normal working days?                                                                                                                                                                             

 Monday to Saturday for inspection division, and Monday to Friday for office.

32. When may the factory apply for a re-inspection after first inspection failed?

GIS does not have special timing limit for re-inspection booking. You may ask for re-inspection anytime when everything to be corrected and be ready. However, please kindly note bookings received with less than 2 working days notice may not be completed on schedule.

33. How GIS identify the defects?

The Defects detected during visual inspection are classified within 3 categories, "Critical", "Major" and "Minor" and the normal definitions are:

--Critical Defects: A defect that fails to meet mandatory regulations and/or affects the safety of the consumer when using the product.

--Major Defects: A defect that is likely to result in product failure, reduction the usability of the product and obvious appearance defect affecting the salability of the product.

--Minor Defects: A defect that is not likely to reduce the usability of the product, but is likely to reduce the salability or a discrepancy from the defined quality standard or not same as the original sample

34. What is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)?
The designated value of defects, expressed as a percentage by the particular sampling procedure and level used will identify what the buyer will normally accept in the majority of cases. Different AQLs may be designed for different defect classifications such as Critical, Major and Minor. Unless specified by the client, GIS will adopt the AQL as follows: 


High valued products

Low valued products

Critical defects

Not allowed

Not allowed

Major defects

AQL1.0 / 1.5

AQL 2.5

Minor defects

AQL 2.5 / 4.0

AQL 4.0

35. We place an order with 24 in 1 ceramic sets in Yangjiang factory. Due to lack of packing material, all of them are not packed, and just put in the factory by pieces. May GIS perform the inspection under this situation?
If it is not urgent, it is better to wait till at least 80% to be packed, then we may select samples by sets. If change the sampling by pieces, it is hard to indentify the defects with the sales units. Sure, we will follow your final instruction accordingly