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Mechanical products


Electromechanical device
Generator Set, Electric Switch, Transformer, etc.

Machine parts
Hydraulic Part, Pneumatic Component, Driving Medium, Engine, etc.

Auto parts
Damping Spring, Air Condition Controller, GPS, Burglar Alarm, etc.

Electric Pump, Turbine Driven Pump, Diesel Pump, etc.

Casting Mold, Stamping Tool, Casting Mold, Plastic Mould, Inorganic Non-metallic Mold, etc.

Machining parts
Round Nut, Spring Washer, Flat Washer, Nylon Rod, etc. 

Die casting
Die Casting Air-conditioning Accessories, Die Casting Cylinder Of Engine Cylinder Head, etc.

Stamping parts
Different kinds of stamping parts such as Metal Stamping Part
Other machinery product