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ASTM publishes the latest safety standard ASTM F833-21 for carriages and strollers

On June 15, 2021, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approved a revised version, ASTM F833-21, which was published in August 2021.

This ASTM standard for carriages and strollers establishes performance requirements, test methods, and labeling requirements to address hazards to children associated with carriages and strollers including stability, brakes, restraint systems, latches and folding mechanisms, structural integrity, cords, wheel detachments, and entrapment.

Significant changes to the standard from ASTM F833-19 to ASTM F833-21 are described below.

Allowance for a Concrete Floor Test Surface. ASTM F833-21 replaces, in section 4.1, the word ”shall’’ with ‘‘may,’’ allowing for testing on the originally specified surface, or on an uncovered concrete floor.

Summary List of References on Combination Unit of a Car Seat on a Stroller. ASTM F833–21 now adds references to Section 6.7.1 and Section 6.10, as well as their corresponding test methods, to the list of requirements in Section 6.6.1.

Addition of Parking Brake Mechanism Test Methods. ASTM F833–19 section 6.1.3 specifies that ‘‘[e]ach parking brake shall be constructed so that it cannot be disengaged by the child within the unit when the child is secured in the unit in accordance with the instructional literature.’’ ASTM F833–21 replaces this text and adds three alternative test methods in new sections,, and, for evaluating the parking brake release mechanism for each seating position of the product.

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