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Success of 79th China education equipment exhibition in 2021

Warmly congratulated GIS (General Inspection Services Co., Ltd.) on the success of 79th China education equipment exhibition on 23-25th Apr. 2021.

China education equipment exhibition is sponsored by the China education equipment industry association. After years of effort, this exhibition has developed into the most professional, widest influence and largest brand exhibition on our country and even the global education equipment industry. By virtue of its outstanding achievements in the exhibition industry, great industry influence, and distinctive professional features, it has been awarded the National Industry brand Exhibition Golden Finger Award twice by the Ministry of Commerce. And it has been included in the national key guidance and supporting of the Ministry of Commerce.

 79th China education equipment exhibition

Exhibition would set up good learning, communication and cooperation platform for all kinds of education equipment management departments, schools, government procurement department, education equipment production and operation enterprises. It also provides us to learn new products, new technology of education equipment. The successful holding of the exhibition will promote the new development and cross of the site and even our country education equipment. The close cooperation and joint coordination of each exhibition site’s transportation, accommodation, catering, tourism, business, advertising, communications, construction, insurance, logistics, personnel, capital, information flows, can not only improve the image of the city, have a good effect, but also lead to boost domestic demand, promote the employment and expand consumption.


Since first held in 1980, the international influence, openness and internationalization degree of China education equipment exhibition has been increased continually. And it has attracted many domestic and foreign well-known high-tech companies into education equipment industry, and gradually became the education equipment international communication and cooperation platform, promoted our science and education instrument to go abroad.


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Post time: Apr-26-2021