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Supplier management – Notification of supplier control and cooperative operational training

Dear relevant companies:

To help small and medium-sized enterprises in our province quality management and enterprise senior management personnel to improve their knowledge of supply chain and supplier quality management level, we decided to organize a lecture on our network platform for enterprise supply chain, supplier management and quality management, hope that all relevant companies actively organize relevant personnel to attend after getting this notice .The specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Training content

(I) The latest laws, regulations, standards and basic knowledge of quality management

1. Latest trends of the historical development of quality management and quality inspection; 2. Relationship between quality inspection and total quality management; 3. Quality laws, regulations and technical standards;

(II) Quality management system

1. ISO9001; 2. Quality management documents (quality manual, procedure, plan, regulation, guidance, record, purpose type of quality inspection report, seal and inspection certificate); 3. Control and management of quality inspection documents (documents, records and files).

(III) The interpretation of the most standard for the implementation of quality inspection

(IV) Process, focus and cooperation of third-party inspection

II. Time

9:00-12:00 Sept. 17, 2015

III. Training methods: QQ training Group No. : 90702520

Telephone: 0591-87544100

Fax: 0591-87513656

Contact person: Huang Jing

Keywords: quality control, quality inspection, third-party inspection, product inspection, soft goods inspection, food inspection, electronics inspection, furniture inspection, pre-shipment inspection.

Post time: Jan-29-2021