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The 78th China Education Equipment Exhibition

Join us (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) at the 78th China education equipment exhibition on 23-25th Oct. 2020. Our team will take care of your quality issues and craft a unique solution for you. Welcome new and old customers come to visit our booth: S5079.

As the “weathervane” and “barometer” of the education equipment industry, China Education Equipment Exhibition will show the market trend to you in the first time, and provide you with the cutting-edge technology and quality products of the education equipment industry worldwide for your one-stop purchase. Here you can fully collect market information, intuitively understand the strength of enterprises in order to smoothly carry out trade cooperation, and look for the latest products released by world-renowned enterprises!

China Education Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held for 77 sessions. It is one of the top 100 exhibitions in China and the largest exhibition and exchange platform in the industry. This exhibition witnessed the reform and development of education equipment industry in our country, explain the new concept of education technology, the new achievement, has led to the development direction of education equipment, in the education management departments at all levels, government procurement departments, between schools and enterprises set up a results display, product recommendations, talent agglomeration and win-win cooperation platform. The exhibition has great significance for promoting the new development of China’s educational equipment work, comprehensively implementing the outline of the national education plan and building China into an educational power.

China Education Equipment Exhibition not only exhibited higher education, vocational education, basic education, preschool education, special education, etc. The products required by each stage of education, will also be a “eighth session of national primary and middle school experiment teaching practice activity”, “education equipment academic conference 2020″ “the third primary and middle schools education equipment new technology application innovation BBS and good example awards ceremony” “ultraviolet sterilization power school epidemic prevention” and a series of activities, provide the exhibitors with gathering information, negotiating trade, exchanging technology, developing the market, such as multiple services, provide for the general education workers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from each other, enhance friendship, cooperation and communication.

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Post time: Oct-16-2020