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Staff Activity

  • Mobile delicacies on Dragon Boat Festival

    To celebrate the annual Dragon Boat Festival, our company held a food exchange on June 1. Each colleague chooses a representative hometown food, and then uses the selection system to randomly select his own food. After receiving the food, we choose the best food, the top seven with the highest vo...
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  • Happy Children’s Day

    It’s Children’s Day again! Parent-child photos are something classic we keep every year. We try our best to record every moment of the wonderful time. Your smile, is the best return. Regarding the International Children’s Day, it is widely celebrated on June 1. Children’s ...
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  • DIY jack-o ‘-lantern activity

    In time for Halloween, GIS launched this year’s “Halloween Jack-o-lantern” activity. Colleagues brought their own excellent works. If last year’s works were jaw-dropping, this year’s are even more so. Please enjoy the below works. The legend of the origin of Hallowe...
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  • Rescue stray cats-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    Girl in GIS came across a stray cat, helpedit to take a bath, and then sent it to pet hospital for meticulous examination and cure. And finally, she helped to find an adopter for this poor cat. Thatmeans, the cat found a warm family. Ms.Titania,we really praise your kindness.
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  • Happy Dinner – -General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    Happy Dinner ! Let’s taste the culture of Bashu together!   - -General Inspection Services Co., Ltd
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  • All helps one getting the water-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    We have learned a lot from the activity named “All helps one getting the water”, to build a successful team requires not only personal ability, but good cooperation among all the members in each position. Besides the good team-working, mutual trust towards this team seems more important. You’ll b...
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  • Children’s day-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    Growth, is together for a lot of children’s day ~ GIS to each employee who has the children picture frames and key chain.Everybody, you received? —-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd
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  • Building the Tower-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    “Building the Tower” is one of the old tradition of Mid-autumn Festival in Fuzhou. GIS Team are together building the tower, hope all the people good fortunate and happiness.  The higher tower we build, the more prosperity our life will be. —-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd
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  • Leaping Jungle & CS

    Going out of the office, returning to nature, challenging ourselves, sharing collaboration, “Leaping Jungle & CS “ We are coming.
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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...
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  • Staff activity

     New Office Picture 1  New Office Picture 2 Merry Christmas in New Office  Happy Trip in T...
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  • Exhibition show

    27-30/ 4/ 2014 The Show of Hong Kong Gifts & Pr...
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