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inspection range

  • Food


    Cans,Aquatic products,Flavorings and others.
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  • Electric Products

    Electric Products

    Household Electric & Electronic Products, Audio & video Products, Computer Device, Lights and Lighting, Components, Telephony.
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  • Chemical Products

    Chemical Products

    Chemical raw materials and chemical products, Chemicals and additives, Fertilizer and compound fertilizer, Household chemical product.
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  • Soft Goods

    Soft Goods

    Garment, Footwear, Home textile, Fabric, Bag and suitcases, Other soft goods.
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  • Mechanical Products

    Mechanical Products

    Electromechanical device,Machine parts,Auto parts,Pump,Mould,Machining parts,Die casting,Stamping parts.
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  • Hard Goods

    Hard Goods

    Handicraft, Household product, Furniture, Building and house furnishing product, Toys, Sports, Ceramic products, Stone products.
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About GIS

GIS (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd.) is a professional quality engineering and management consulting service company. It is committed to helping customers establish and improve quality assurance and quality control, and effectively helping customers develop and monitor their suppliers. Since 2005, GIS has obtained the quality manag- ement of the General Administration of Quality Supervision…

Company news

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  • The 80th China Education Equipment Exhibition

    Join us (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) at the 80th China education equipment exhibition on 23-25th Oct. 2021. Our team will take care of your quality issues and craft a unique solution for y...
  • IEC publishes an international standard designe...

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, UV-C radiation has been in the news as a very effective way to ensure the purification of enclosed indoor Spaces.  Hospitals, factories, airports, airplanes and...
  • New standard for baby mattress was released by ISO

    Since infants and young children spend most of their time sleeping, ensuring quality and safe sleep is critical to their healthy development.  In response to the increase in the international trade...
  • Rescue stray cats-General Inspection Services Co., Ltd

    Girl in GIS came across a stray cat, helpedit to take a bath, and then sent it to pet hospital for meticulous examination and cure. And finally, she helped to find an adopter for this poor cat. Thatmeans, the cat found a warm family. Ms.Titania,we really praise your kindness.