Process Audit

Process audit aims to find out and correct the technology defects in manufacturing process as early as possible. It’s also an engineering management to promote perfection and maturity of the technical documents.

Process audit provides decisional inputs for approval of product manufacture technology and mass production. It is also suitable for regular or irregular process monitoring in mass production.

Our duties:

  • Evaluate the completeness of technological documents and their control; 
  • Evaluate purchasing procedure, incoming inspection and warehouse management for incoming materials; 
  • Evaluate the production equipment management and analyze equipment capacity; 
  • Check calibration, verification and routing operational check of the inspection and testing devices; 
  • Evaluate related staffs’ competence, training and examination; 
  • Evaluate the control of manufacturing process, especially for key processes or specific processes;
  •  Evaluate the control of packaging, inspection, storage and delivery processes.

Your benefits

Find out the technology defects and quality problems in manufacturing process and take the corrective and preventive actions in time, so that ensure that the manufacturing process and quality control are operated in a virtuous and controllable state.

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