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Procedures of government procurement acceptance

1. The client shall establish an acceptance supervisor team to clarify the specific person in charge and sign a third-party acceptance contract for the government procurement project.

2. GIS collects the acceptance information, and make the third party acceptance program by technical engineer.

3. GIS delegates professional quality engineers to conduct on-site inspection, or it can also be jointly on-site inspected and validated by supplier, buyer and GIS.

4. GIS organizes internal experts to jointly verify and issue third-party acceptance reports.

Assisting government procurement acceptance by GIS

In response to Regulation No. 87 of the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, Regulations on the Administration of Government Procurement of Goods and Services by Bidding and Bidding, General Inspection Services Co.,Ltd organizes testing technology and inspection forces such as electronics, textiles, chemical industry, machinery and Metrology engineering, and devotes itself to developing third-party acceptance projects for government procurement to ensure the good quality for government procurement projects, and also perfect government procurement processes, and then improve the supervised credibility of the government procurement process.

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