Third-party Testing of Classroom Lighting Environment

Third-party Testing of Classroom Lighting Environment

【Third-party testing of classroom lighting environment】

  In order to “take good care of children’s eyes jointly”, our country has issued multiple guiding document, which regulates clearly on the day-lighting, lighting hygiene standards and testing method of the classroom. Under the unified deployment of the education administrative departments in various regions, primary and middle schools have implemented the “ improvement and reformation of classroom lighting environment” project successively.

And whether the light environment quality of the reformed classroom can meet the requirements of relevant standards or not, just requires the evaluation of professional third-party testing institutions.

GIS boasts the CMA accreditation for third-party testing of classroom lighting and lighting environment. It also has developed testing technologies, advanced testing instruments, and a professional testing team to ensure the accurate testing data is provided and authorized CMA testing reports are issued.

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