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  • ISO 9001 will not be revised in the short term-3

    At the same time, ISO 9001 will not be revised in the short term, because the 2015 version has not been fully “digested” by users.  Nevertheless, from the survey responses obtained by ISO, there are still many suggestions for this version of the standard, including those in favor of m...
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  • ISO 9001 will not be revised in the short term-2

    (Two choices in the survey results)The difference was small, but crucial: in the 8,397 responses to the ISO survey, the “do not revise immediately” option edged out “do revise” by a slim margin of 271 votes.  The average life cycle of a major management system standard i...
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  • ISO 9001 will not be revised in the short term-1

    ISO 9001 — arguably the world’s best known voluntary standard — will not be revised in the short term.  After this standard was adopted in France, the Code name of the AFNOR edition was NF EN ISO 9001.  It can be said that this is a cross-border, symbolic quality management syst...
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  • 2021 Western (Lanzhou) Education Equipment Expo will be postponed.

    Due to the impact of the epidemic, the West (Lanzhou) Educational Equipment Exhibition 2021, which was originally scheduled for September 16-18, 2021, will be postponed until further notice. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delay of the exhibition.  Thank you for your suppo...
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  • Movie Day on 2021

    On August 18, 2021, the administration department held the annual movie day in the conference room of the company.  This is a summer carnival day for the children of all employees on the company.  We hope this day will become a precious memory for them as they grow up.  This movie day strive to e...
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  • 2021 Western (Lanzhou) Education Equipment Expo

    Join us (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) at the 2021 Western (Lanzhou) Education Equipment Expo on 16-18th Sep. 2021. Our team will take care of your quality issues and craft a unique solution for you. Welcome new and old customers come to visit our booth: A50-A51. During the “two Sess...
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  • A new accreditation document was issued and implemented by CNAS

    Recently, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment issued CNAS-CL01-G002:2021 “Measurement Traceability Requirements for Measurement Results”, which has been formally implemented on July 31, 2021. Measurement traceability is a prerequisite for mutual internationa...
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  • Smart community infrastructures–Smart transportation for energy saving operation by intentionally driving slowly

    Recently, ISO has released a new standard to guide the orderly progress of smart city construction. Smart city refers to the use of intelligent technology and innovative solutions to improve the living environment of residents and build a modern residential city.  The effective management of publ...
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  • The notification on free quality month quality publicity activities

    Small and medium-sized enterprises in Fujian province: In order to promote our quality month activity (October 2019), around ” surviving with good quality, developing with good quality, obtain benefits by good quality “, to promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable developmen...
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  • Notice on the promotion of quality service

    Small and medium-sized enterprises in Fujian province: In order to cooperate with the quality management public welfare activities carried out by General Inspection Services Co., Ltd to further continuously and deeply carry out the quality service activities for small and medium-sized enterprises...
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  • Mobile delicacies on Dragon Boat Festival

    To celebrate the annual Dragon Boat Festival, our company held a food exchange on June 1. Each colleague chooses a representative hometown food, and then uses the selection system to randomly select his own food. After receiving the food, we choose the best food, the top seven with the highest vo...
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  • Happy Children’s Day

    It’s Children’s Day again! Parent-child photos are something classic we keep every year. We try our best to record every moment of the wonderful time. Your smile, is the best return. Regarding the International Children’s Day, it is widely celebrated on June 1. Children’s ...
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