Factory Evaluation

Factory Evaluation

Factory evaluation is on-site checking for the factory against the standards and customers’ requirements to evaluate the conformity.

Factory Evaluation covers:

Quality and technical competence EvaluationThrough on-site checking and evaluation of the factory’s legality, production capacity and quality management system, GIS ensures the clients to sufficiently understand the factory before the cooperation is confirmed so that to lower the risk of purchase.

Our duties:

  • Check the Legality and basic information of the factory; 
  • Evaluate the production capacity and equipment management ( including production equipment and inspection equipment); 
  • Check and evaluate the process control and quality control; 
  • Check and evaluate nonconforming products control, statistical analysis, and quality improvement;
  •  Check and evaluate supplier management; 
  • Check and evaluate warehousing management for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products; 
  • Check and evaluate post-delivery service.

Code of Conduct (COC) Assessment

Code of Conduct (COC) assessment is to evaluate implementation and performance of social accountability based on SA 8000. The aim is to ensure that your business partners abide by the social accountability and ethics standards and norms so that to maintain your company’s brand.

Main elements of a typical code of conduct:

  • Child labor; 
  • Discrimination; 
  • Health & Safety; 
  • Disciplinary practices; 
  • Working hours and working condition; 
  • Dormitory facility; 
  • Social warfare, remuneration and minimum wage; 
  • Management ; 
  • Environment protection.

Factory information confirmation

Through factory information confirmation, GIS can help clients confirm the factory’s authenticity before signing the agreement. To make sure the factory’s information, we will check the factory’s legal qualification, organizational structure, human resource, main products, work place, etc. on site.

Our duties:

  •  Factory location and background check; 
  • Legal qualification documents check; 
  • Certification check ( system certification, product certification); 
  • Factory organization and human resource check; 
  • Main products check; 
  • Workshop and production line arrangement check; 
  • Storage and warehouse condition check (if needed).
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