GIS Introduction

Brief Introduction

GIS (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) is a professional quality engineering and management consultation and service company. It is devoted to assist the clients to establish and improve quality assurance and quality control and effectively help the clients to develop and supervise their suppliers. Qualified by General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine of P.R China, GIS has been providing the services of third party inspection, plant evaluation as well as project quality management, product testing and inspection and quality engineering consultation since 2005.


  • 2005GIS was jointly established by Quality Assurance Centre of China Association for Quality and Fujian Provincial Quality Association.
  • 2009GIS received ISO9001 certificate from Quality Assurance Centre of China Association for Quality.
  • 2010GIS received Certificate of Qualification for Institution of Import & Export Commodity Inspection and Survey from AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C).
  • 2012GIS possessed the membership of China Enter-exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and was chosen as the managing director organization of Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Survey Branch of the Association.
  • 2013GIS received the certificate of CNAS-C101(ISO/IEC 17020) from China National Accreditation.
  • 2015GIS was recognized by the Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Association as the Adopted institution of Fujian free trade Fuzhou Pingtan area (imported industrial products).
  • 2016GIS was approved as Fujian provincial demonstration of public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. GIS has 12 offices all over China. The head office is in Fuzhou, Fujian. The other 11 offices are in Shunde, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Jinan and Zhengzhou. In a word, we have built an inspection service network in China. Up to present, GIS has totally more than 100 employees to serve the clients. Our quality management consultants, plant auditors, product inspectors, product manufacture engineers and quality engineers are all competent engineers. A number of senior exports in various industries are also engaged in GIS. After years of effort, GIS is striving to become one of the most competitive and influential companies in this industry in China.

Main business

  • Help the clients build or improve the quality control system, find out the problems in products and offer professional solution to reduce the risk of receiving defective merchandise and minimize the customers' damage due to inferior products.
  • Help the clients develop and supervise the suppliers. Offer professional advises to improve suppliers' production ability and quality assurance and control ability, promote growth of the suppliers and the clients in company.
  • Offer professional third party inspection, plant evaluation, project quality management, product inspection and testing and quality engineering consulting service and management consulting according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TSI 16949, SA8000, QS9000, OHSAS18000,HACCP, GMP, Intellectual property protection standards for various industries.
  • Devoted to studying management system and evaluation system of e-business platform, design and offer manufacturer and trading company evaluation, product inspection, project management for e-business platform and online retailers.

Business philosophy: Clients, Employees, Development.

It is our duty to continuously improve our service quality to make our clients satisfied GIS focuses on growth of our employees. We will do our best to offer opportunities for our employees. In this way, we can develop with our clients together.

Company Value

Respect ambitions in work; Enjoy pleasure of life. Quality determines value; responsibility decides personality

Company Vision

Realize strong power of finding out clients' requirements; possess the creativity, executive ability and supporting power for solving the clients' programs.

Company Mission

Win trust and respect from all the clients

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