GIS 2021 training plan for the service platform of small and medium-sized enterprises


In 2020, we conducted a public training of quality management for small and medium enterprises, the expected satisfactory results have been achieved, and obtained the favorable comment of training of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to further promote the product quality management theory and practice, to promote European and American advanced quality management and quality control experience, our company in 2021 will continue to arrange online training courses for quality management and quality technical, schedule as follows, welcome various enterprises to attend:

Please apply for access to our open class QQ group according to the time on the class schedule, and you can consult and answer questions for free:

MonthTraining ContentTraining Dept.Trainer
Jan.Quality control of e-commerce platformQC Dept. & Audit Dept.Hunter Chen& Stan Wu
Feb.On site quality control of vegetables &fruitsQC Dept.Kevin Kang
Mar.Notes for COVID-19 vaccination and  chronic of epidemic prevention requirementsAll staffsTina Xu & Hunter Chen
Apr.E-commerce crayfish inspectionQC Dept.Wencan Lin & Stan Wu
MayCharacteristics and techniques of textile productQC Dept.Hunter Chen
Jun.How to show team spirit in customer serviceAll staffsJasmine Zhao
Jul.E-commerce platform supplier management and controlQC Dept. & Audit Dept.Hunter Chen& Stan Wu
Aug.Safety standard requirements of toysQC Dept.Tingqiang Wang
Sep.Garment identification introductionQC Dept.Wencan Lin
Oct.How do foreign trade enterprises receive third-party inspectionAudit Dept.Kevin Kang
Nov.Inspection of lampsQC Dept.Kevin Kang
Dec.Features and skills of hard goods inspectionQC Dept.Tingqiang Wang

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