GIS General Manager’s commitment to fairness


Letter of commitment

1. The Company conducts inspection activities, manages conflicts of benefit impartially, and ensures the objectivity of inspection activities.

2. The Company does not accept investment, joint venture or sponsorship requirements from entrusted customers, inspected objects and other entities that have direct or indirect benefit in the corresponding inspection business, so as to avoid the above related parties to participate in or affect the company’s operation, management and inspection activities.

3. The Company shall not act as the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, trading, owner or user of the products to be inspected, nor shall it act as the authorized representative of either party.

4. The Company does not engage in any activities that may violate the independence and integrity of the inspection judgment. Shall not directly involved in the design, production, supply, installation, use and maintenance of inspection projects or similar competing projects.

5. The Company shall not employ any person with direct or indirect interests or conflicts with the parties involved in the inspection activities to participate in the operation, management or execution of the inspection business, including full-time or part-time, and shall not entrust or subcontract the inspection business to the above-mentioned persons.

6. The company’s top management shall not act in violation of the above commitments.  Keywords: quality control, quality inspection, third-party inspection, product inspection, soft goods inspection, food inspection, electronics inspection, furniture inspection, pre-shipment inspection.

General Manager of GIS: Liu Bo

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