The third Henan Education Equipment Expo


Join us (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) at the third Henan Education Equipment Expo on 14-16th May 2021. Our team will take care of your quality issues and craft a unique solution for you. Welcome new and old customers come to visit our booth: A110-2.

Under the spirit “constructing great education power, speeding the modernization of education up” guidance, in order to practice “education informationization and network security work point for 2020” by education department, actively develop in the” Internet + education “, giving full play to the advantages of artificial intelligence, innovative education and study way, eventually achieve the modernization of Chinese education on 2035, realize the modernization of education, to become a powerful country in education. Under the guidance of China Education Equipment Industry Association and Henan Provincial Department of Education, with the support of Henan Provincial Education Technology and Equipment Management Center, the “2021 Third Henan Education Equipment Expo” sponsored by Henan Provincial Education Equipment Industry Association is scheduled to be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 14-16, 2021.

2021 Third Henan Education Equipment Expo positioning “internationalization, branding, specialization”, set “new features + precision docking + BBS discussion + scene experience” four in one, with the international famous brand education equipment, 20 + BBS meeting during this period, the higher-ups experts share nearly hundred kinds of hotspot issues, meet the demand of the industry peers procurement, communication and learning! We will give full play to the important role of the development of education equipment industry in driving high-quality development of education, accelerate the market layout of high-quality projects, help the development of education in the central region, and propel China to become a powerful country in education.

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