Notice on the training of e-commerce standards and in-depth certification analysis


All relevant companies:

To help small and medium-sized enterprises in our province to build and operate management of e-commerce platform related to quality management standard and method, strengthening on e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises quality management, quality audit, to give full play to the positive role of electronic commerce, promoting the smooth development of small and medium-sized enterprises, we decided to carry out the electronic commerce norm and depth of certification of training lectures in our company, hoping the relevant companies to organize relevant personnel to attend actively after the notice, the specific arrangement is as below:

I. Training content

(1) Basic knowledge of norms and laws related to e-commerce

(2) Electronic commerce certification standards, procedures and characteristics

(3) Sharing of successful cases

II. Time: 14:00-18:00, Nov. 17, 2015

III. Training methods: Network training, QQ training Group No. : 90702520

Telephone: 0591-87544100

Fax: 0591-87513656

Contact person: Huang Jing

+86-591-8756 2601
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